Eating Well In Lockdown

As part of our Health Specialism and being a Healthy School we take great pride in the diet and nutrition advice we give our students and families. The below links offer lot of support to eat well during lockdown, reduce your families food bills and learn a few cooking skills along the way.

Take care and look after yourself, and your family members.

Mr Brown and the MHA Healthy Schools Team

Change 4 Life Cook Together

Every family at MHA can sign up to Cook Together with Change 4 Life to receive 2 free recipes every week for 4 weeks. The recipes all have easy to follow step-by-step instructions with videos and a shopping list of all the ingredients needed to cook up a healthy meal. After 4 weeks, you and your family will know how to cook up 8 different healthy meals from scratch. It’s simple, free and there are helpful cooking and shopping tips along the way too. Better still, it’s designed to support your family achieve a healthier, balanced diet as well as save some money. Families can sign up for free by following the link here .

Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking Daily 


Budding cooks can join chef Jack, from the Jamie Oliver Cookery School at 12:15 each weekday lunchtime on Facebook for a live cook-a-long session. Recipes are healthy, tasty and affordable, and there are hints, tips and swaps which make them super flexible too. Recipes for this week include Corner Shop Curry Sauce and delicious Veggie Quesadillas. Anyone interested can have a look on the Jamie Oliver webpage to view what recipes are coming up and catch up with previous ones: Keep Cooking Daily.

Simon Wood #FeedingFamiliesFor30

Manchester chef, Simon Wood, has created a series of tasty recipes to support families on a low budget to eat well. Working with local food banks and community groups, Simon has created a series of recipes which use basic store cupboard ingredients such as tinned and dried goods. He is keen to work closely with food banks to ensure that the recipes are as user friendly and relevant as possible, and there are several recipes which don’t require an oven or hob and can be made with just a kettle or microwave. All the recipes can be viewed here.