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Careers Week 2018

We hope that all students have benefitted from the activities that have been held for National Careers Week this week.  You may have seen various quotes displayed around the Academy, here are the ones that were written especially for Manchester Health Academy students in case you have missed any:



Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

Please see the below the Mock Exam dates for 2018:

  8.40am- 11.00am 11.15am – 1.15pm 1.45pm – 3.45pm
Thursday 15th   French listening (12.15-1.15)  
Monday 19th Maths Paper 1 Science Paper 1


R.E Paper 1

Graphics (x16)

Tuesday 20th English Language Paper 1

English Literature Paper 1

Geography Paper 1

Computer Science (x11)

Product Design


Graphics (x3)

Wednesday 21st Maths Paper 2 Science Paper 2



Computer Science (x2)

Thursday 22nd English Language Paper 2

English Literature Paper 2

History Geography Paper 2
Friday 23rd Maths Paper 3 Science Paper 3


R.E Paper 2


The Full GCSE exam timetable can be seen on our website here .  You can access some past revision papers here. Good luck – remember EAT, SLEEP, REVISE, REPEAT!

What do you Aspire to Be?

Aspire to Be is a new careers programme at the Academy.  Every fortnight during Key Stage 4 lunchtime we invite a visitor into the Academy to present to Year 9 -13 students about their job role, their route into the career and the qualifications they needed.

The first session was held last week, and was very well attended.  Our very own Miss Riches talked about her path to becoming a PE Teacher and what the role is like, with plenty of advice for things that students who aspire to teach can do straight away to help them towards their career goal.

More information and links to resources are here on the Academy’s website.