Half Term Holiday Revision Sessions – Year 11

The Academy is providing booster and revision sessions for Year 11 students during the half term holidays in preparation for the formal examinations that continue in June.

All students are encouraged to attend the subject sessions that they study, the schedule is shown below.

Students will be supervised at all times and the usual school rules will apply, however, you are not required to wear uniform to these sessions. It is crucial that you arrive on time for each session to ensure that you do not miss out on vital tuition and resources.

   Tues 29th May  Weds 30thMay Thurs 31stMay Fri 1st June
9.30 – 11.30 am ScienceBiology (Triple Sci) 


English Maths Chemistry (Triple Sci)
11.30 -1.00 pm Physics (Triple Sci)Business Studies  Physics (Triple Sci)Business StudiesFood Technology HistoryFood Technology Food Technology

A Question of Time

Well done to one and all for making it through the first half term and the darkest of winter days to the half term holiday!

I was delighted to see our Literacy Leaders taking the initiative and holding their fundraising cake sale this week.  I understand that one student held a bake-off at her house to produce some of their delicious wares, great job!  In these times of social media and gaming, it is lovely to know that students are still doing practical things, and so successfully.

Another student has demonstrated excellent practical skills in Design and Technology Club and made his own skateboard – top class work.

Practical work, baking, sports and other non-electronic activities are a great way to keep healthy, with both physical and mental health benefits.  Doing tasks that require concentration and manual dexterity, or the physical effort required for sports offer a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and possibly the opportunity to interact directly with other people, all things that are known to promote health and wellbeing.

Gaming and social media can be isolating, as they insulate players from the outside world and from reality.  I would like to encourage every student to try a pastime that doesn’t involve technology over the break – every hour spent gaming, snap-chatting and instagramming are hours that could be enjoyed so much more, and with so much more personal benefit, doing real things.  Time spent gaming and on social media is all time NOT spent on homework, volunteering, hobbies, sports and revision.

I was delighted to see a record turn-out at this week’s Aspire to Be session, which was given by the Royal Navy. A fantastic show of commitment from all the students who gave up their lunch break to attend.

I wish students and staff and rejuvenating break, and look forward to welcoming you all back next half term.

Remember Year 11, there are 42 school days until your first exam, so EAT, SLEEP, REVISE, REPEAT!

Mr Green, Principal

Period 6 Rota 2017-2018


Day Subject (8am-8.40am) Subject (2.45-3.45pm)


Monday   Maths

ICT and Comp Sci  (after Maths)

Tuesday   English
Media Studies


Health and Social


Wednesday RE Business Studies

Food Tech







Thursday Triple Science Physics Science


Graphics/Product Design


Friday RE C3 Progress detentions from lessons

Detentions for missed P6 during the week

Stress Management Drop in Session

Year 10 Mock Exams 2017

The Year 10 mock exams will take place during the week beginning 3rd July 2017. These Core Subject exams will be held in the sports hall.

Students will be issued with individual timetables during form time this week.  Options subjects will be assessed during usual timetabled lessons during the week beginning 3rd July.

Monday 3rd July English LanguageMaths Non Calculator Paper


9am – 10.45am12.45pm – 2.15pm
Tues 4th July Combined SciencePhysics (Triple Science)

Chemistry (Triple Science)

9am – 10.30am9am – 10am

11.15am – 12.15pm

Weds 5th July Maths Calculator PaperBiology (Triple Science)


9am – 10.30am11.15-12.15pm
Weds 12th and Thurs 13th July  Art exam All day

Good luck with your exams!

A Message from Mr Owen:

“I’d like to take the opportunity to wish each and every student who will be embarking on their GCSEs next week all the very best.  This is when all your hard work and revision will begin to pay off as you show the examiners just how much you know and what you can do.  It can be a nerve-wracking time, and I’d like you all to remember that every member of Academy staff is right behind you.  Look after yourselves, get plenty of sleep and go for it!”

Right now you need to be revising and sleeping

Mr Owen’s Blog this week:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralf Waldo Emerson

In a few weeks’ time our Year 11 students will be sitting their final GCSE exams.  They have worked hard on two rounds of mocks, but this time it’s for real.

I can’t emphasise the need to revise enough at this stage, at home as well as at the Academy.

It’s time to stop planning, worrying and distracting and get revising.  Mr Green has summed it up on a leaflet that will be handed out to all Year 11 parents at parents evening this week: “Right now you need to be revising and sleeping.”

Exam preparation is all about having the right mindset – don’t panic, keep positive and keep going.   You haven’t got time to talk yourself into failing, you need to revise and practise so that you go into your exams as prepared as you can be.