Safer Internet Day 2014 – February 11th

A recent BBC survey has highlighted that teenagers are most vulnerable to cyber bullying between the ages of 13-16. Safer Internet day is about thinking about your online activity and making sure you are safe and respectful at all times. Below are some links and videos about the campaign. remember if you have been a victim of cyber bullying or wish to talk to someone about being safer online you can use the Sharp System to speak privately to a mentor or contact CEOPs (link in sidebar). Please add comments and let us know what you think about internet safety.

The Site for the Campaign –

Great site aimed at teenagers – “rate my churps” is funny

  1. Sayzaar Barnett-Sifawa

    People can be sooooo heartless and mean! How can people bully there own friends! Well the only friends are your true friends 😀 🙂 x

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