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  1. Liam Scott-Murphy (Year 7)

    Liam has been trying to log into the VLE website on the Ipad at home and on his Nanna and Grandad’s computer without success (for the last couple of days). Liam has a user name and password wrote down in his planner but we cannot log in with it and think he is getting mixed up. We are concerned that he will fall behind with homework.
    Please can you email the user name and if possible the password (the email address I have used is Liam’s Nan’s

    Thank you
    Vanessa Scott (Liam’s Mum)

    • Hi, to login on an ipad you need to click on the ‘mobile’ dock section of Realsmart. This then allows you to access the homework. We are still in the early stages with regards to the VLE so all feedback is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information, however please use my email address below instead if this blog.
      Kind Regards,
      Mr Dennis

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