Mr Green’s Blog: All Different, All Equal

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli

This week our Value Focus is resilience, and we are asking students to think about when they are most challenged, how often they use mistakes to improve and how can we support the resilience of each other.  The ability to learn from mistakes and challenges is a very useful life skill that we encourage in all our students and staff, and one that will serve them well throughout their lives.

I was pleased to hear that so many students who are looking ahead to their careers attended our first Aspire to Be session this week, with a presentation given by one of our newer teachers, PE Teacher Miss Riches.  Miss Riches’ route into teaching involved lots of resilience and hard work, as well as making the most of opportunities for gaining experience.  Miss Riches gave examples of how having to work extra hard has made her the person she is today, for example undertaking teacher training in Wales despite speaking no Welsh, and undertaking a master’s degree in English Literature whilst on a sports scholarship in America. We are looking forward to other representatives of specific careers coming into the Academy as part of the Aspire to Be programme to share their stories, and I’m sure many will demonstrate that the path is not always straightforward.

It is Anti -Bullying Week this week, and the Academy has put on various activities to support this year’s theme of All Different, All Equal.  I am proud of the Academy’s robust anti-bullying policy and our positive promotion of diversity and respect.  Students have been attending assemblies focussing on what to do if they feel they are being bullied and looking at different types of bullying in classes.  We have also been talking about the differences between bullying and social conflict, and seeing the winning anti bullying posters designed by students in each year group.

I am very encouraged by the positive attitudes students have shown around this theme this week, they have given me hope for a future society with less prejudice and hatred, and more acceptance, mutual respect and kindness.

Mr Green


Your child’s growth

We have been asked by Central Manchester Hospitals to take part in a piece of research in relation to children’s growth.

The NHS School Health Service now measures approximately 45,000 children per year and parents can access their child’s growth chart via an on-line portal called CHAMP (Children’s Health and Monitoring Programme).

The NHS in Manchester has committed to producing a digital growth chart for every child attending a Manchester primary school.

We would be very grateful if you have access to a computer, and could spare 5 minutes, to complete a questionnaire asking for your view on whether it would be useful for the parents/carers of secondary school age children to have the same information. It is completely anonymous.


A Whole New Ball Game!

Manchester United legend Denis Irwin opens our new community sports pitch.

Legendary former Manchester United FC defender Denis Irwin visited the Academy on Friday to officially open our new all-weather pitch.

The new floodlit playing surface, which can be used all-year-round, compliments our other sports facilities. These include two full-size grass pitches; two 7v7 pitches; one 9v9 pitch and a small-sided AGP.  The Academy worked in partnership with the Manchester FA to secure a £386,583 grant from the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund (delivered by the Football Foundation) towards the pitch.

3G opening

Mr Green, Principal of the Academy, said: “I wish to thank Denis Irwin for coming along and making this event so memorable for our students and the pupils who joined us from our Partnership Primary Schools. This brilliant new facility will make a huge impact on grassroots sports locally, providing a top quality venue for more than a thousand local sports players each week.”

A partner school of Manchester United Foundation, the Academy has a strong tradition of sports education. Currently, we have six students who are signed to professional clubs’ academies, including Everton FC; Burnley FC; Oldham FC and Sheffield Wednesday FC.


Our Manchester United Foundation officer, Lee Caldwell, is based permanently in the Academy and will deliver a range of curriculum and community-focused sports activities from the new pitch. These include girls’ development, leadership courses and Street Reds evening football sessions, which aim to give young people opportunities within the game.

Manchester United Foundation also rewards students who have been nominated by their teachers for good progress with free match tickets. More broadly, the charity works alongside the Academy’s lead sponsor, the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, to promote healthy lifestyles at the school.

During the visit, Denis Irwin watched students playing on the pitch before taking part in a Q&A session and officially unveiling the new facility.


The former defender, who won 20 major honours during his 12-year stay with United, said: “Unveiling this new pitch was a pleasure for me, especially seeing so many youngsters out enjoying their football. It’s a wonderful facility and will no doubt become a magnet for people to visit and enjoy playing sport at.

“Having spent 12 great years with United, I am really pleased to see them involved so much at the school. Manchester United Foundation is doing great work to provide opportunities for students here, as well as out in the community. Facilities like this are vital to help them reach people. It’s not necessarily about turning pro, it’s about making sure people stay fit and healthy, make new friends and start out on the right path in life.

“Funding for this pitch has come from the Premier League & The FA Facilities Fund, which means money from the top of the game is being shared with the grassroots. Congratulations to everyone who made this possible. Enjoy the new pitch!”


Manchester Health Academy worked alongside the Manchester FA and the Football Foundation to compile a five-year Football Development Plan, which is a vision of how sport will be played on site with an emphasis on increasing participation.

The project will not only benefit the Academy’s students, but will also have a number of other users. Partner organisations Wythenshawe Amateurs FC, Wythenshawe Town FC and South Manchester Girls League will all use the new 3G AGP to deliver training and fixtures, alongside local community clubs including: Altrincham Hale FC; Alderley FC; Brooklands Dragons FC and Timperley Villa FC.

The number of teams using the site is expected to rise from 32 to 92. There is currently a lack of pitches in the area that are of a similar standard, so demand is high. Of the 60 new teams expected to be using the facility, it is predicted that 29 will be female sides. The school hopes to become a hub for women and girls’ football, as improving local female football participation is a key objective. A boost of 175% in female football participation across all ages is expected at the site as a result.


Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, said: “This is a fantastic new facility, and I am honoured to have been asked to help unveil it. It is evident that the all-weather pitch will be hugely beneficial to the school’s pupils and the local community, offering a way to get active and have fun. It was also great to have Denis Irwin here, helping to inspire the students.

“Thanks to funding from the Premier League, The FA and the Government, through Sport England, the Football Foundation is working to create state-of-the-art facilities for grassroots sport up and down the country. I’d like to congratulate the school for securing this funding and support, resulting in an all-weather pitch that is going to improve the health and wellbeing of its many students.”

Year 11 Mock Exams

Please find below the mock exam timetable for Year 11.

These exams will take place during the week beginning Monday 20th November and will be held as formal examinations with external invigilators in the sports hall. Students with access arrangements will also have the full formal arrangements and any additional support they are entitled to.

The afternoon exams will continue after 2.45pm into P6.  Most students will only have one or two later exams as they are options subjects.

Please ensure that you are on time for your exam beginning.

8.40am- 11.00am 


11.15am – 1.15pm 1.45pm – 3.30pm
Monday 20th  Maths Non Calc Computer Science Media(3.15pm finish)
Tuesday 21st  Science(Combined & Triple) FrenchProduct Design History(3pm finish)
Wednesday 22nd  English (Lit & Lang) French Listening Geography(3.15pm finish)
Thursday 23rd  Maths Calc Graphics R.E(3.30pm finish)

Principal’s Blog: Give a little respect

“Love yourself. Respect yourself. Never sell yourself short. Believe in yourself regardless of what people think. You can accomplish anything, absolutely anything, if you set your mind to it.”

― Marcus Allen

As the first half term of the year draws to a close, we are thinking about Respect throughout the Academy.

Celebrating success is an important part of showing and receiving respect, and this week we have been hearing stories about students’ achievements both within the MHA community and beyond.  Each half term we celebrate students whose actions have embodied the Academy’s values of respect, pride, excellence, resilience, trust and equality. This can be through sporting endeavours, academic achievement, or simply being helpful to another student or teacher.

Our values also form the basis of our Emotional Wellbeing Charter.  This brings me nicely back to my first point – respect for yourself is one of the most important things that you can develop.  It is not about being selfish, but about being honest with yourself about your needs, your personal boundaries and your values.  Looking after your needs means that you can then help other people with theirs.

It has been a busy few weeks, and one of the best things we can all do is respect ourselves by looking after our health and wellbeing – I encourage students and staff to make time to relax over the half term holiday and recharge your batteries.  My plans include spending time with my son, who is away at University, playing a couple of rounds of golf and hopefully fitting in a couple of runs – sport really helps me to clear my head, and I plan to return from the break ready for all the challenges the next half term will bring.

Enjoy your break!

Mr Green


Principal’s Blog: Striving for excellence at every level

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”Aristotle

This week’s Pride focus is Excellence. We have been talking to students about what they think progress looks like, how they can achieve excellence and why setting aspirational targets is a good habit to cultivate.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Year 7 parents and carers who braved weather and traffic to come to the Year 7 “Settling In” Parents Evening last week. Your support of your child’s education makes a huge difference to their academic journey and their final grades, and we very much view you as part of our team. The Year 7s have made an excellent start at the Academy, and I am looking forward to reading the outcome of the surveys that were completed to see how you think the first few weeks at the Academy have been.

Today I am looking forward to joining colleagues for our Middle Leaders Conference. The Academy strives for excellence at every level, and staff are continually honing their skills to be the absolute best that they can be, whatever their role. This collaborative learning event will contribute to whole school improvement in our collective pursuit for excellence.

Mr Green


Anti Bullying Week Poster Competition Launched

Students in Years 7 – 10 of the Academy are invited to design an Anti-Bullying poster inspired by this year’s Anti Bullying Week theme, ‘All Different, All Equal’.

Winning entries, one from each year group, will be displayed in the Academy and will receive a gift voucher.  In addition,  if entries are selected by the Healthy Schools Team, winners will be displayed across all Manchester schools.

Deadline for entries is Wednesday 18th October 2017, please place your entry in the box on Student Desk.

The Academy is looking forward to Anti Bullying Week, which will be held on the week of 13th – 17th November this year.  We plan to focus on Anti Bullying Week in assemblies, and to hold activities during the week.

Principal’s Blog: Leadership and Success

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

Sometimes when we are young people, still at school, with our whole lives ahead of us, the future can seem daunting.  As we go through secondary education we are asked what we would like to be when we grow up – sometimes we have very clear ideas, and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes young people can feel that their futures are limited, perhaps by where they come from, how well off their families are and by how successful and prosperous their neighbourhood is.  I grew up in Manchester at a time when it was a grimy northern city.  No-one really lived in the city centre, the big focus on the government of the day was the South, and the recession hit us hard because the industries that had previously thrived became outdated and outpriced.  I didn’t go to college or university, and nor did many of my peers.  I was, however, fortunate to get onto an apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence.  This lead me into a career in engineering, and eventually ran my own engineering business.

I had always wondered what might have happened if I had gone onto higher education, and I also felt that young people, particularly those growing up in the North, needed all the help they could get to make the most of their life chances.  So I went back to education, and trained to be a teacher.  I knew that I wanted to progress to education management and worked hard to pursue that dream.  Being appointed as Principal at Manchester Health Academy is an absolute honour, and I am very excited about being able to be able to support and nurture young Mancunians today.  Our young people face similar barriers to their future potential as I did.  My hope is that, as a local man who has achieved a position of leadership and influence, that I can serve as proof that they can pursue their dreams and be successful, no matter where they start from.

This week sees our first charity fundraising event of the year, the Macmillan Coffee Morning.  The response from students has been fantastic, in terms of offers of help and support – students stayed after school to decorate cakes, while other helped to set up, tidy up and promote the event.  The Academy has a proud record of supporting charities, holding fundraising events each year to help raise money for local, national and international charities.

This year we will continue to support the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, the charity of our NHS sponsors.  A number of our students are treated by the hospital every year, so this is always a charity that the students want to support. We also continue to support HUGS, a no-overhead charity which has developed a range of programmes to bring education and skills development to the very youngest and to mature students in Uganda and Rwanda.  Helping Uganda Schools funds a primary school, a secondary school and a special needs school in Uganda. We also support other occasional charity events throughout the year, such as Macmillan.  We see this as part of our students’ social, emotional, moral and spiritual development, alongside their academic studies.

I’d like to thank all of you for your support last week at our annual Open Evening.  A record turnout.  It’s my favourite event of the year because I get to see our students showing off this amazing place.  They are so proud of the school and rightly so.  Our staff are such hard workers and the premises, even though they will improve by September 2018, are already world class.

Another aspect of broadening horizons and encouraging students to form their own views of the world around them is having conversations about diversity and equality.

Assemblies this week have focussed on Black History Month.  Equality isn’t just about saying everyone is equal, it’s about showing it.  Treating someone differently based on the colour of their skin, race, religion can lead to them feeling isolated from a society they contribute greatly to, whether this is their school or the wider community.  I take pride in the Academy’s record on tackling these issues, and in our students’ positive attitudes.

Finally this week, I am looking forward to appointing our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017-2018.  A group of students has been chosen as our Student Leadership Team.  Their focus is to work together to improve our school and make it the best for their fellow students. This is achieved by the leaders working with the student council and listening to the views of others and making sure everyone has a chance to be heard. They will meet with me once every half term to represent and present the views of other students, to influence school events and make positive changes. The lead students act as positive role models for students across the Academy in all year groups by demonstrating exemplary behaviour, attendance and achievement. I know how amazing they are – as part of the selection process for the role of Principal I was given a thorough grilling by some of them! Across the Academy every student will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership in preparation for life beyond the Academy. The Student Leadership Team have been invited to write a letter to me explaining why they should be considered as Head Boy or Girl, and I am sure that they will make for an interesting read!  These students are real leaders of the future and I am looking forward to working with them this year.

Mr Green


Period 6 Rota 2017-2018


Day Subject (8am-8.40am) Subject (2.45-3.45pm)


Monday   Maths

ICT and Comp Sci  (after Maths)

Tuesday   English
Media Studies


Health and Social


Wednesday RE Business Studies

Food Tech







Thursday Triple Science Physics Science


Graphics/Product Design


Friday RE C3 Progress detentions from lessons

Detentions for missed P6 during the week

Stress Management Drop in Session