Win a Bike and support Wythenshawe Hall!



Raffle tickets go on sale today to win a mountain bike, complete with helmet, lock and lights (kindly donated by BikeRight!) or £60 Love to Shop vouchers (Kindly donated by Sugarman Education Manchester) – these can be used towards a family date out or a meal as well as for shopping.

Just £1 per strip!

Winners drawn on Friday 13th May.  All proceeds to go to Wythenshawe Hall Fire Restoration Fund.

Manchester Health Academy Wythenshawe Hall Bike Raffle

Right now you need to be revising and sleeping

Mr Owen’s Blog this week:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralf Waldo Emerson

In a few weeks’ time our Year 11 students will be sitting their final GCSE exams.  They have worked hard on two rounds of mocks, but this time it’s for real.

I can’t emphasise the need to revise enough at this stage, at home as well as at the Academy.

It’s time to stop planning, worrying and distracting and get revising.  Mr Green has summed it up on a leaflet that will be handed out to all Year 11 parents at parents evening this week: “Right now you need to be revising and sleeping.”

Exam preparation is all about having the right mindset – don’t panic, keep positive and keep going.   You haven’t got time to talk yourself into failing, you need to revise and practise so that you go into your exams as prepared as you can be.